I’m a Makeup Artist :P

It’s been years since I last officially¬†a makeup artist for shootings. I admit I do miss painting people’s face ūüôā Being a makeup artist is one of my dream jobs!

So after going through my old online portfolio during college, I picked a few that are my favourites.


Let’s see how this journey goes and what my next makeup projects will be? Can’t wait!


Alternative Wedding dress

When was the first time you plan your wedding day?

Mine was before I knew what a wedding mean. Big gown, fabulous car, hundreds of people, oh and do not forget thousands of white flowers that might just turn brown after everyone pass out.

Along the way I realise it takes so much more than “love” to have a princess-like wedding. Money is the key thing here. I admit it I once dreamt of a huge gown, gardens of flowers, unlimited food and drinks, oh and a romantic outdoor setting. Altogether these will definitely cost me more than a million baht. The first thing the pop up was if I’m fortunate enough to earn that much before I get wrinkly and chubby, why would I spend that much on one event? I could have an one-month-long honeymoon with my prince charming anywhere on earth!

So what does a wedding really mean? I asked myself. For me, it’s a promise we will give to each other and people that care about us that this is it, the person I will build a family with. I am not saying it has to last till my last breath. If I changed so much when I hit my forties that we no longer compatible as lovers, it wouldn’t hurt just to be friends right? I can’t answer this since I am not yet close to 40 nor mature enough in the war of relationship. But one thing I can answer is that, at this particular moment, I value marriage more than a wedding. I want the wedding to be just a reminder of everything I am going to be and have, not being everything itself.
Therefore, my wedding dress will be a reflection of myself, and my beliefs: sustainable, simple, easy, probably made by me with help from my Mom and bridesmaid. That way it will be the true symbol of all my loves.

Before the day arrives, I have a few alternative wedding dress that you can use for your wedding. Nothing fancy, nothing haute couture, nothing expensive. Because its meaning doesn’t lie on its price tag :).

Chic & Charm: Modern and classy



Dreamy: Floral, feminine, embroideries

Beach bride: Bohemian I am

Image courtesy of Liver Island, Free People, Miss Selfridge, Needle and Thread and ASOS.

Until next (Free) time. ūüôā

December shopping bag

First shopping bag of December! (excluding x’mas gift)

What else can be a better treatment for such a gloomy winter than fun window shopping? Well…end up spending a tiny bit on these 2 cool items from Lazy Oaf.

Saturday 3 pm,¬†I put my computer to sleep and went out for my window shopping hobbies. This time, it’s Lazy Oaf! I have never heard of this brand, honestly I am not doing a good job as a fashion student at all. Anyway, after scrolling down through its IG and website, I grabbed my bag and leave for the sample sale.¬†Not that I love every single piece, but I would say it has a strong prints which I like.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Arrived at Studio 9, around 4 pm and all tiny¬†clothes were gone! (Here I’m petite)¬†lol However, ¬†there’s these cool cap and T-shirts I have been wanting to get! Eventhough I was more excited to see the colors and print this brand are known for, but what can go wrong with BLACK?¬†¬†The price is soooo acceptable for London market. And quality? It’s not the best, but¬†shhhhh, the label only said¬†‘Design in London’ so you can expect low to medium quality of ‘made in China’. However,¬†with the price, I’m not mad at all. hohoho

written by Mee Jong at night before sleep…. zZZ



Um…who got time to edit clips now! So here’s the second part of the show I managed to film…

As part of LCF Fashion Entrepreneurship student, we got a chance to see the “Fashion Finds The Force” auction held at The Old Selfridges Hotel on the past 26th Nov…well it’s been 3 days! Procrastinating is my talent.

Honestly, I just started watching Star Wars a fews days before the show, without knowing about it at all, what a coincident! Surprisingly I love the show more than I thought I would, not sure if it’s because of Natalie Portman herself, or¬†her costumes that¬†were kinda confusing to me. Love it anyway. ūüėÄ

When I heard that this is a fashion show inspired by the movie, I was expecting something ¬†wearable and less costume-like. Why? Because I always think¬†it’s fun to see clothes that remind people of something without yelling in their face of what the inspirations were. But don’t get me wrong. I do like the show, just it was different than what I thought it would be.

Start with one of my favourite looks of the night!

These two designer’s designs are one I love the most. I’m actually surprise, maybe because they are simple but not boring. Not too ‘in the face’ kinda Star Wars, which I love. Plus it’s more fun to think of how to wear them in real life.

Jumpsuit and A-line dress by Peter Pilotto

I actually like¬†the pattern of the dress, not a big fan of the colours. When I see clothes, I imagine people wearing them walking down the street, or in shopping malls in case if Bangkok¬†since it’s where we go for free air-con. ūüėÄ For this, I can totally see a really chic girl wearing this dress to calls street photographers during fashion weeks.


What else can make a girl happier than free makeup? Thank you whoever decided to give us free lipstick, mascara and hair spray!


This is not the end of Star Wars trends! Stay tuned!

PS. Photos taken by iPhone in the dark…

LV Series3 : Inpirations for creations

What a better way to start a week? Nothing is better than to be inspired.

LV series 3, as it said, shows Nicolas Ghesqui√®re‚Äôs inspiration for this 4th ready to wear collection at LV. Well, I remember a few things from the visual presentation; LV original trunks, architectural shapes, silver on black, oh and craftsmanship which is surely the core value¬†of all collection, isn’t it?

Here come a 360 degree screen¬†installation describing the inspiration of the collection and model’s experiences. The idea of being original but innovative at the same time was kinda presented through the visual. It’s not a steady screen, instead each models¬†appeared and disappeared with their interviews like a sci-fi / horror movie. I was a¬†bit dizzy, but in a good way. Personally, it’s a great presentation for the collection aesthetic, young, fresh, of and FAST! Take a look here and you will understand what I mean.

I’m a visual person, which I believe you are too! So usually what attracts me are the visual presentation. Here you can try seeing how it feels to be a bag maker for LV! Simply just sit and imagine these hands on the table-screen are yours.

¬†Enough with the motion picture, it’s now time for the real items!



For those who swipe by London, don’t forget to check out the Exhibition. Eventhough I don’t support leather using, but I do appreciate the craftsmanship! Great job LV.

And here’s after party! Free drinks and music with loads of fashion people. You might think it’s a wow going to fashion after party, but in fact, these brands¬†are more than happy to welcome you to their events! It’s nothing harder than just email for RSVP.

Sixtine, Me and Michelle ūüôā

Let’s see what event I will be going next!

Getting Ready For London

So I was preparing myself for London, back in Bangkok, and decided to start a YouTube Channel to keep all the memories of London I were about to have.

The channel mainly feature me and my best friend (who happen to have a bf here in UK and came here for some super smart MA course!) living a budget life in London. Can’t believe how pricey this small island can be!

What’s there to see? Well, we are just doing things to survive here basically, lol. Hope we will have time to do more budget challenges once schools start! ūüėõ

EP 1: Getting ready for London

EP2: Budget shopping at Camden (oh! and I found my soulmate!!)

More episodes were shot…stay tuned!